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contact us We are glad to receive the feedback from you. If you have any ideas and suggestions about our products and website, please contact us.
For all users who have questions or problems about our software. Please read the FAQ and help first. If you still have any additional questions or problems, write it to us, we will do it immediately.

Sales Question:
For questions about corporate sales, volume discounts, small business solutions, send an e-mail to our sales department.

About Distributing the Trial Version

If you are would like to help us with physical distribution, promotion in software compilations, or business cooperation, kindly let us know! We are open to various levels of cooperation.

We allow and encourage all web sites, magazines, CD-ROM vendors and end-users to freely distribute the FREE trial versions of iWinsoft Products. You already have our authorization of distributing the FREE trial versions of iWinsoft Products.

Want to join our affiliate program and begin successful cooperation, please click here to visit our affiliate page.

What are the contact details for the ordering process ?

Our orders are processed by RegNow, a leading ecommerce provider:
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P.O. Box 1816
Issaquah, WA 98027

Phone: 1-877-353-7297 (US), +1 952 646-5331 (International)
Fax: 1-800-442-3172 (US), +1 952-646-5604 (International)

I am having trouble placing my order. What do I do?

Please us the RegNow customer service site.
Or contact them via the above phone numbers.

How many licenses do I need to purchase?

A single licensed copy of any iWinSoft application allows you to install that application on 1 PC. If you wish to install the application on more than 1 PC then multiple licenses can be purchased.

Large discounts are available when purchasing multiple licenses. See the order page of each application for details.

I've lost my license code details.

Please contact us and tell us your purchase email address.

Where is my serial number?

Shortly after placing your order, you should receive an e-mail containing the serial number ( License code ) for the product that you purchased.
or, Online serial number lookup is available. you'll be able to view detailed information about your order right online!

Other Order Questions

Please send all order and registration questions to
We try to answer all our support mail within 12 hours and most of the time much sooner than that! We aim to respond to all emails as promptly as possible.