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  • Christmas Labels Software for Mac and Windows

    Design and Print Christmas Address Labels, Holiday Cards, Gift Tags and Greeting Envelopes and more.

    Christmas and New Year are near, Christmas means different things for different people. If you would like to do something a bit different and personal with your Christmas labels and Gift Tags this year, adhesive stickers created with your very own design are really a very special option to try. With a bit of thought and time, you can have your very own personalized Christmas labels that will not only add that extra little touch to all your gifts but will also make attaching them to your parcels a little bit easier too.

    Label Maker Professional is a program that design and prints christmas address labels, christmas postcards, greeting envelopes, holiday cards, gift tags, and more for people with advanced merge printing functionality. So that huge Christmas mailing is fast and fun. Just choose a design, customize mailing labels with christmas images. then import address infomation from one of many supported sources, like address book, database, excel, text file, etc. and let the merge printing feature do the rest.

    Download Label Maker Professional today to get you started making personalized christmas labels and New Year greeting cards for your family, friends, and business partners. (works on Mac OS X 10.4.11 - 10.9).

    Download Mac Version
    Download Windows Version

    Program OS Support:
    • Mac OS X 10.3 - 10.6
    • Windows XP/2003/Vista/Win7/8 and Windows 10
    • 200 MB of hard disk drive space.
    How Do I Design and Print Christmas Address Labels and Greeting Envelopes:

    If you need different address information on your Christmas labels or greeting envelopes. you just create one label, and one database. add some addresses infomation to this database, then place database objects to your christmas label, and the product automatically prints your christmas label with different addresses infomation.

    To print your christmas labels or greeting envelopes, follow these steps:

    1. Create a new database.
    Click the New Database button on the left of the main window. Add the desired name into the New Database dialog box, and click OK. A new database appears in the databases list. A new database record can be added to the current database by selecting New Record from the Database pull-down menu.
    To open an existing database, select it from the databases list. if you import data from your Mac address book, just click on the Address Book in the Databases list on the left. Your address book will be imported.

    2. Create a new label design.
    To create a new label with christmas images, switch to the Label mode, and select a label or card fromat on the left of the Label Maker Professional window. The new label appears in the Label View, and ready for adding design elements. To import a christmas image, use the Import Graphics option from the File menu.

    3. Switch to Preview, and select Database or Address Book from the source pop-up submenu in the Preview Toolbar. Select File>Print>Labels From Database. A print dialog box will be displayed.

    4. If you placed a Counter field on your label, you should review the counter specifications before printing to make sure they are set correctly for this print job.

    5. Modify the settings as desired and click on the Print button.

    If you wish to print all the records in the database, make sure the All option button is selected. If you wish to print a range of records, click the option button next to From:, type in the starting record number that you wish to start printing in the From: box, and type in the ending record you wish printed in the To: box.

    Program Info

    • Mac OS X 10.4 or later, for Intel Macs
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